The Vibration of Water

Audio Message from Dawn James

Did you know that in virtually every glass of water we drink, some of the water has already passed through fish, bacteria, rocks, trees, worms in the soil and many other organisms, including people? The majority of people living in cities are drinking unfiltered chemically treated water.

Furthermore… the more recycled and unfiltered the water is, the lower its frequency as its purity diminishes.

The good news is, we can increase the frequency of our water supply by filtering it, rebalancing its pH, and restructuring the molecules.  Once we optimize the frequency of our water for consumption, we can enjoy its full benefits, which are: hydration, detoxification and cellular regeneration.

Take a look inside this portal for some household products that raise the VF of the water you use and consume.


Dawn James, Conscious Living teacher, Sound/Energy Practitioner, Green Living advocate, musician, author of "Raise the Vibration' trilogy and international speaker.