No More Fear, No More Pain: My Bioelectric Experience

Quantum physics stipulates that we are bioelectric beings with electric currents flowing through our cells, nerves, and muscles. In fact, bioelectricity is one of the fundamental forms of energy in the human body. Bioelectric potential (potential energy) is generated by a number of different biological processes and is used by our cells to govern metabolism, impulses within the central nervous system and brain function, to name a few.

Human beings experience three types of electrical signals. The first signal originates in the brain, the second in the heart and the third, of unknown origin, is referred to as the “surface electrical potential.”

Near the end of Summer in 2003, I had my first encounter with what felt like all of the bioelectricity signals while sitting my sunroom.

I love the vibrant colours of Fall leaves – Mother Nature’s way of announcing the end of one season and the start of another, as I sat alone to catch one last glimpse of the sun setting behind the red maple trees in our backyard, I had an experience that forever changed me.

It had been six months since my spiritual awakening and rebirth. Since then, I had discovered the world of spirituality, rediscovered the art of praying and learned how to go within and meditate. As my consciousness expanded, unhealthy habits faded and I began living a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle.

On this particular September evening, while praying, as I usually did just before dinner, I closed my prayer book and stood up. Suddenly, I heard the words “no more fear, no more pain.” A few moments later I realized these words had come from my lips. I repeated “no more fear, no more …” the prayer book slipped out of my hands as I uttered the last word, “… pain.” Then I felt it—a steady, gentle electric surge traveling from the top of my head down to the bottom of my feet and into the ground. My intuitive self knew that it was time to let go of all past hurts, painful memories, childhood fears—these energies did not serve a higher purpose; they did not serve any purpose.

I felt the memories, the pain, and all fear drain out of my body through my hands and feet. The only way I can describe this feeling is that it was as if I were taking a shower in liquid electricity and feeling every cell in my body charged up and ignited. When the electric surge finally subsided, some five minutes later, I picked up the bible from the floor and walked over to the window. The sun was just caressing the horizon. I smiled and raised my hands to the sun saying, “This is the first day of the rest of my new life.”

And thus began what has become my life’s calling and dedication, helping others to connect with and nurture their own personal bioelectricity.

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