The Vibration of Food

Audio Message from Dawn James

Over 15 years ago, I became a wellness practitioner, and I started speaking about and eventually writing about the vibration of food. I devoted an entire chapter in my first book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life about ‘the vibration of food’. The closer to the earth we eat, the higher the vibrational frequency of the foods we consume, the healthier our cells will be. It’s all interconnected.

Remember the expression “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.   The issue in today’s modern era and busy lifestyle is most people are eating ‘on the run’, grabbing convenience or highly processed foods often devoid of any vibrational frequency. In other words, we are consuming ‘dead’ food!  Many people are malnourished as they are simply not consuming enough nutrients and phytonutrients that their cells, organs, brain, and entire body needs for optimal health.

I believe they are 2 major paths to optimal internal health. One path is detoxification (what we remove from our bodies) and the other path is nutrition (what we put into our bodies). In my research, I came across Juice Plus and the marvelous way they made it so simple to flood your body with over 30 high vibration fruits and vegetables every single day. Now I am sharing a path to healthy high vibration nutrition by telling others about the benefits of Juice Plus whole food supplements. It's 'the next best thing' to eating fresh non-GMO fruits and vegetables. I am proud to represent a company that is not only promoting health and well-being for families but also promoting a healthy planet by working with and supporting certified non-GMO family farms.

I invite you to explore how to raise your vibration with nutrition, and the benefits of eating clean, safe, non-GMO whole foods. 

Welcome to The Vibration of Food.

Dawn James, Conscious Living teacher, Sound/Energy Practitioner, Green Living advocate, musician, author of "Raise the Vibration' trilogy and international speaker.
Dawn is pleased to represent organizations that are making a positive impact in the world. One organization that is dedicated to supporting and sustaining non-GMO farmers is Juice Plus.