The Vibration of Detoxification

Audio Message from Dawn James

I believe they are 2 major paths to optimal internal health. One path is detoxification (what we remove from our bodies) and the other path is nutrition (what we put into our bodies). Over 15 years ago my Dad lent me a book called Detox or Die by Sherry A. Rodgers, MD. It was a real eye opener about the necessity to cleanse certain organs and our lymph system on a regular basis to ensure they can function fully and properly.

The challenge today is we are overexposed and overloaded with toxins.

There are primarily two different types of toxinsExogenous Toxins, which come from outside the body and Endogenous Toxins, which are produced inside the body. Listen to my audio message on the types of exogens we experience on a daily basis and the reasons you need to detox will become very clear.

I invite you to give yourself the Gift of Longevity and Love Yourself by reducing your toxic load.

Here are some of my favorite books on detoxification.

Happy reading!

Dawn James, Conscious Living teacher, Sound/Energy Practitioner, Green Living advocate, musician, author of "Raise the Vibration' trilogy and international speaker.