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When I first opened the book Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, by Dawn James, I was prepared for another book on new age healing that contained endless testimonials and very little practical information.

What I actually found was an invaluable resource book and should you use the tools contained in the book, can dramatically change your life into a healthier and happier one. This book will stay on my bookshelf as an irreplaceable and important resource as it has every conceivable piece of information to increase physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health through a number of different methods and practices that enhances your own vibrational energy.

Some of the issues Ms. James addresses is how we can make conscious choices through what we think, how we eat, time spent in nature, elimination of negative influences in our life and a redirection of our life to embrace a more positive lifestyle by raising our vibrational energy.

I was particularly interested in her chapter or essential oils; the benefits of associating with positive people, the various methods of learning simple meditation techniques and within her very knowledgeable chapter on food and drink, a very useful description of the benefits of digestive enzymes.
Ms. James has also provided the reader with key messages throughout the book that summarize various topics within the book for easy reference and a space in the back for personal notes as well as a chart to begin your own personal action plan!

When I finished the book I actually felt happier and hopeful as I now had many useful tips and guidelines to enhance my life to something that was less stressful, happier and peaceful.

A well thought out book that is organized, helpful, practical and most of all inspiring. Well done Ms. James!



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BOOK REVIEW by Elaine Munro

When you finally have your “AHA Moment” and begin the journey of self-reflection and reconstruction, you might want to have an understanding friend by your side.

Dawn James’ new book, “Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life -- A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace”, might just be your new BFF (“best friend forever”). James has focused on three key physical healing modalities -- nutrition (rejuvenation and detox), breathing and vibrational work, as well as three inner work modalities -- attitude, gratitude and connected presence.

James own AHA moment occurred in 2003 following a near death experience-- when she left the physical world, and later returned with a profound knowledge and understanding of consciousness, spirituality and vibrational frequency.

How does this book offer something new on traditional techniques that have been covered elsewhere?

James’ writing outlines very accessible processes for individuals taking on their personal development work today. She provides a no-nonsense context for contemporary life’s challenges, framed with compassion. The “need-it-NOW” generation will be guided through the enriching process of deferred gratification by mastering self-discipline and will power -- integrity muscles that are sorely lacking into today’s Western cultures. As a career-woman and mother, James understands the slippery slope of material acquisitions and the lure of their insatiable appetites -- cell phones, social networking and digital media.

The underlying premise to the healing modalities, in “Raise Your Vibration”, is their impact on vibration levels in the human body. Not only do over-processed, denatured foods lower the body’s vibrational resonance, but so too do reactive thoughts, relentless media impact and our disconnect from Nature and the communities we live in.

By elevating your awareness of energy-depleting thoughts and behavior and replacing them with conscious living techniques, individuals can easily and effectively improve their health and well-being. James includes easy-to-understand segments dealing with energy chakras, essential oils and crystals for more specific techniques to optimize your vibrational health.

As Dawn James clearly explains, “By actively choosing to raise your personal vibration, you are choosing to love yourself by removing stress and regaining vitality, by transcending your ego-mind to your higher mind of Divine Wisdom and by living in harmony to experience oneness with all aspects of yourself. Self-love is like the seed from which love for all others is born.”

James offers personal reflections and stories that keep her change themes grounded in the real world. Ultimately, she is committed to helping people step out of their oblivious, stress-filled existence into an enriched world of conscious living.

“By learning how to strengthen your mind-body-spirit network, your mind will become tranquil, your physical body will become stronger and healthier and your energy systems will become more fluid and balanced.” With a clear goal in mind, individuals will take comfort in the perspective that James has so clearly and concisely brought together.

After a cover-to-cover read, this timeless book will provide a useful and ongoing reference in anyone’s personal development library.

About Elaine Munro: A freelance writer, qigong master and business owner. She resides in North York, Ontario.


l love this book and found it very informative. l think it is one l will refer back to lots. The part about Organic foods and why they are so important was news to me to list one, but there were lots packed in this little book. It is all very positive and a treat to read. Thank you! Rose (from Ontario)


Dawn is awesome and driven to help others elevate their life through the strategies discussed in the course. Her knowledge, injected with words of wisdom and healing, were delivered with love and empathy and I hope everyone buys her book to soak up the revelatory contents! Each chapter is devoted to areas that desperately need our attention in this day and age. Amongst the textual information are charts and tables listing natural solutions including crystals, oils and organic nutrition that will most certainly boost the vibration of different elements making up our physical, emotional and spiritual being. You can read her book for inspiration, personal interest but most of all .... a handy reference identifying the truths that will lead us to the discovery of our power to elevate this life experience. Lorraine (from York Region)


Eloquent... simple... effective! The journey of natural healing and energy medicine inevitably brings up a discussion of raising vibrational energies. "The Secret" of the Law of Attraction is the Law of Vibration, and Dawn James speaks of it beautifully. Simple. Easy. Effective. Thanks, Dawn! ~ Jo Lyn Cornelsen RN


I have read the book once and am reading it again. I've been implementing many of the ideas in the book. It is wonderfully written.

Blessings and Abundance to you too!

Pam from Northumberland County


This information is so important, and Dawn has shared it in a way that everyone can understand.
~Nancy F, Spiritual Authors, publishers and agents.


I finished your book on yesterday..., and wanted to say how appreciative I am to have it as a resource. I appreciate the simplicity and clarity it brings to the process of transformation. I appreciate your willingness to share your story in a way that makes one think that indeed enlightenment is possible for all of us. I am thankful that the Creator saw fit for our paths to cross.

Be blessed
Iyabode, GA USA


I can't thank you enough!!! THANK YOU!!!! I got your book yesterday and read it in one sitting! I intend to read it again and purchase a few copies to give as gifts!! It's just what I needed to read, thoughts that have been circulating in my world for sometime now but it was good to read them in one concise and easy to comprehend format. I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! I love the energy of it. Truly, it spoke to me, speaks to me even now as I circulate what I've read in my mind's eye and in my heart.

Jae Herriman, CA USA


Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to let you know that I finished your book and found it to be a great inspiration!

Holey from Kingston ON


Dawn James great info found in your book Raise Your Vibration! The clarity in 'Four-Fatal Beverages' has enabled me to make better choices. Your powerful question, 'Understanding what I have just read, am I willing and prepared to accept the health consequences associated with the excess consumption of these beverages?' has stuck with me! Well done!

Pamela Sylvan, Belleville ON



Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace
by Dawn James.

“We are vibrational beings designed to be healthy and happy.” - Dawn James

The result of over two decades of research and direct experience, “Raise Your Vibration” is a beautiful little guidebook to improving your energy and attaining inner peace. Holistic practitioner Dawn James illuminates the mind-body-spirit connection and shows how the raising of our vibratory level and energy field will benefit every sphere of our lives. She gives us a set of modalities beginning with the shift to positive thinking, the use of positive expectations, and how we can change our lives with positive speech, affirmations, and prayer. Giving up the gossip habit will raise your vibration immediately!

Other parts of the action plan are living consciously, letting go of non-beneficial behaviors and attitudes, developing inner power and making choices in alignment with our soul purpose. Healthy choices with food, water, supplements, and digestive enzymes are important, as well as the need to eliminate the toxins we may have accumulated from food, the environment or our own emotions. Detoxification applies to environmental influences as well, as we shift away from absorbing the negativity and subliminal materialism of TV in favor of (gasp!) interactive activities and sharing with others.

Dawn gives us a summary of the energy system of the chakras, the vibratory level of each, and how they connect to our mental and physical health. Other ways of raising your vibration include working with essential oils, gems, crystals, sound, colour and the stimulation of alpha brain waves through meditation, yoga, drumming and chanting. Spending time in nature and reconnecting our senses to the rhythm, beauty, meaning and healing power of the natural world is the ultimate way to stimulate our energy and raise our vibration!

The final chapters cover the practice of daily gratitude (focusing on our blessings rather than what we perceive to be lacking), associating with positive people (optimism is contagious!), living in joy and in the moment (our birthright as spiritual beings), and living in LOVE. As Dawn says, “You possess the creative, intelligent and infinite power to transform any condition and transcend any situation by resonating with the vibration of love.”

“Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life" is a powerful guide to conscious living techniques and is highly recommended.

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